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The Elite Team
Elite Thermal Systems Ltd is at the forefront of standard setting for electric ovens and furnaces which is reflected in their team ethics and customer relationships. Their range of products and services leads the field through innovative design techniques and use of advanced technology. Part of their success is the drive of the core team to be better than the other market providers but also to supply customers with the type of quality and reliability that give Elite’s products a cutting edge.

Elite realise the importance of customer and trade relationships. Their focus on client needs allows their business to flourish and build up around these relationships. The continual nurture and cultivation of client communications is equally as important as establishing them. This stance is an integral part of Elite’s business ethics and is an element of their service often congratulated by their customers.

Back in 1999 when Elite began trading, it was clear to see that their vision and stance was one of long term business and innovation in the marketplace. Through sheer determination to make a difference, along with clever marketing, Elite have managed to cement themselves as a leading light in the production of electric ovens and furnaces.

Elite’s presence in various international markets has allowed their business to make a steady incline. With the current company projection aiming ever higher the ascendancy is set to continue as the reputation of Elite spreads throughout the world.

Attributing to their rise is a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers, technicians and designers. Guided by the expert knowledge of Elite’s Managing Director Alf Roberts, the team has been conditioned and nurtured into a fully coherent and effective unit. This is reflected in their business approach and professional manner which is a revered benefit of Elite’s services.

The range of youth and maturity in the team means that the company focus is complimented by deep traditional knowledge combined with fresh modern ideas. Each member can call upon an engineering background, bringing their own individual skills to the company. Different departments deal with different issues but all the final decisions are conducted via a joint team agreement.

The main arm of the company is the sales team and this is comprised of engineering and technical expertise. An individual manager deals with the technical side and an overall sales manager handles all other specific enquiries. Both are key contributors to Elite’s progression and have an essential role in the company.

Of course, Elite’s workforce isn’t just about sales as they have a team of people working on the development and production of the company’s next innovations. The highly qualified Engineering and Development Manager has an extensive background in product development and design. These skills, complimented by the rest of the team and their ideas, help to move both the internal and external aesthetic qualities of Elite’ s products further ahead of the competition.

Elite also take advantage of a graduate scheme in association with Loughborough University, picking the cream of the crop to develop new ideas in a high profile situation. This mix of youth and fresh academic ability, from an engineering specialist university like Loughborough, only compliments the outstanding ability of the rest of the workforce.

The various members of Elite’s team use a ‘hands on’ approach when it comes to working on projects and liaising with customers. Everyone from the lowliest Engineer up to the Managing Director is involved in the development process and this method of internal business has been effective and proved successful. Customer orientation has always been very important to Elite and will continue to do so as they grow from the initial roots that were planted into the market in the last century.

There is no doubt that Elite are resolute and very successful with a self professed harmony to their working relationships, not only within the company but with business associates all over the world. Their success and team ethics has been translated into their strong brand recognition, which stretches from the UK to the rest of the international market.

The team at Elite Thermal Systems continue to show their quality and professionalism with the persistent ambition to become the market leader in all aspects of the electric oven and furnace industry. This attitude combined with the credibility of their flourishing reputation will benefit the company along with its clients and distributors for years to come.

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